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Your Astrology: Year of the Rooster 2017

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2008 1996 1984 1972 1960 1948 1936 1924

Overall, it is a good year for the Rat. There will be many happy family events. For the female Rat it is an easy time to get pregnant. Take advantage of this high point in your love life, family life and career. Make sure you get plenty of rest and take special care of your health. Create auspicious events to counteract any bad effects for this year.

For the single Rat, romance is in the air; there are many parties and social events. However, be careful when voicing your opinions in order to avoid confrontations. Don't let small things become big things. Be humble. Be more understanding where others are concerned. Exercise caution while driving in order to avoid unexpected accidents.


2009 1997 1985 1973 1961 1949 1937 1925

A lucky star is in your house so it will dissolve some of the dangers and difficulties in your daily life. In the 5th and 9th months be especially understanding and patient with your spouse and family in order to avoid confrontations and disagreements. Unexpected accidents may occur while driving or while in crowds. Avoid going out at night while traveling. Be alert in your environment.

Your acquaintances and friends will introduce you to new friends in private gatherings. Financially you are still doing well despite the difficult times.


2010 1998 1986 1974 1962 1950 1938 1926

It is going to be a very prosperous year for Tiger. For single Tigers, improve your chances for finding love by attending more weddings, birthday parties and happy social events. However, mind your own business, otherwise you will be overly affected by other people's problems. Save your money in the beginning of the year while it is abundant, as you will spend more in the latter part of the year. When traveling budget carefully so that you don't overspend.

Be careful of your health and take special precautions while traveling. During this year you are especially susceptible to infectious diseases. Make sure your home and vehicle are secure in order to avoid being robbed. Better to be safe than sorry.


2011 1999 1997 1975 1963 1951 1939 1927

You always give the best impression when meeting others. Rabbit is very popular this year. Money is abundant. However you will lose some money if you don't manage it correctly. Even so, your loss will be minimal. In the winter, there will be some major changes in your life.

Rabbit clashes to the Rooster so this can be a difficult year. Try to avoid confrontations and disagreements with friends and co-workers. Pay special attention to situations and surroundings in order to lessen any negative effects. During the summer be especially careful around water or when swimming as an accident may occur. Pay more attention to your own physical and mental health. Be careful when operating machinery in order to avoid injury.


2012 2000 1988 1976 1964 1952 1940 1928

Since Dragon and Rooster have the best relationship in the zodiac, the lucky star is shining upon the Dragon. There is advancement in your business or career. Whatever you do will go according to your plans. Just remember not to overspend and save some of it for a rainy day.

If you are dating, now is the time to make a serious assessment of your relationship. This is a good time to tie the knot. There are many parties and happy events in store for you. Dragons easily attract the opposite sex. However, be mindful of your conduct, especially if you are married. Even within your family, mind your manners and be aware of your moral standards.


2013 2001 1989 1977 1965 1953 1941 1929

Snake is in Three Harmonies with the Rooster so this year is very good for the Snake. Your finances improve. It is a good time to expand your career. Even though there is no stopping the advancement of your career be very cautious in making any decisions and changes. Receiving a raise and a promotion will be within your reach. Passing tests and examinations will come more easily now.

Do not pay any attention to people who are talking behind your back. Mind your own business and be careful not to get involved with other people's issues.

Always remember that happiness and misfortune always live on the same street.


2014 2002 1990 1978 1966 1954 1942 1930 1918

This is a tricky time for relationships for the Horse. Pay more attention to maintaining a good relationship with your spouse. Avoid scandalous love affairs. Male Horses should be extra careful in handling their relationship problems. For Female Horses, there are changes in the air, such as becoming pregnant.

Your good reputation precedes you. People are jealous and envy your success. Watch out for people talking behind your back. It is in your best interest not to get involved with other people's affairs. You are in a commanding position and wealth is within your reach. However, if you don't control your spending there is a price to pay.


2015 2003 1991 1979 1967 1955 1943 1931 1919

This is a very challenging year for Rams. There is a possibility of a lawsuit. Stay calm, seek legal advice, and don't take matters into your own hands. Be discreet about your private life. Be careful about getting involved in legal matters. The less information that people know about you, the less they can use it against you.

There could be a possible death in the immediate family. To bring relief from the unlucky cycle attend auspicious events, weddings, celebrations and so forth. Religious and spiritual practices are very helpful in resolving some of the stress and sadness that may occur this year. Avoid visiting sick people and attending memorial services except for immediate family.


2016 2004 1992 1980 1968 1956 1944 1932 1920

Overall, Female Monkeys will do better this year than the Male Monkeys. However, in general, Monkeys should watch their finances and not overspend.

It is also a good time to start a new business or change to a new career. Take care, as overworking and stress may cause illness. If there is any sign of illness, don't wait and seek immediate medical attention. Whenever the Monkey has a problem, there will be helpers who appear to assist the Monkey. Those helpers will have the power and ability to solve any problems.

To improve your luck, attend more weddings, birthday parties, and happy social events, and do more good deeds.


2017 2005 1993 1981 1969 1957 1945 1933 1921

This year Roosters have very good luck and good wealth. Many benefactors and helpful people will assist you in your career and business. If you are in business, large contracts are in store for you.

Pay more attention while driving. Be especially aware of driving under the influence since you are likely to get caught, get into trouble and receive possible jail time. Overworking and stress may cause illness, so take special care of your health and get rest. Use tools carefully. Create auspicious events to counteract any bad effects of this year.


2006 1994 1982 1970 1958 1946 1934 1922

The Dog has the worst relationship with the Rooster so this will be a difficult year. Male Dogs have better luck than Female Dogs. In order to accomplish your projects or goals, you need to obtain assistance from colleagues, friends or relatives. Control your temper. You can easily get yourself into arguments and confrontations. Sometimes it is a set-up to lure you into a trap. Mind your own business; that way you can avoid arguments and problems.

Emotional balance and a stress-free environment are very important for good health. Anger is like a time bomb inside the body. Meditation and relaxation is extremely important to your physical and emotional health.


2007 1995 1983 1971 1959 1947 1935 1923

There may be major life changes such as buying a new home, moving, or getting married. Be very conservative in making any financial decisions and changes. Follow a budget so that you will spend within your means. Financial stress can cause illnesses. Try not to argue with anyone, and then you will have a peaceful year. Someone tries to please you but they may have a hidden agenda.

There is a possibility you may need to attend a memorial service away from home for family members or friends; if so, be especially cautious throughout the entire duration of the trip. Remember that happiness and misfortune are always on the same street, so there will also be good and happy events in store for you. Always ask for blessings in your daily prayers.

Mr. Sung  

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