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The Story of The Sun Moon Mirror

Historically in China, as in Europe, the device of marriage is used to increase territories and to keep a peaceful relationship between nations. In Chiang Hai Province, during the Tong Dynasty, Princess Wen was married off to a Tibetan Prince. The Princess was to leave China and live in Tibet. Her father, the King, gave her a special treasure as part of her dowery which had been given to him from a powerful Tibetan Lama from Bejing. The treasure was a beautiful mirror. The thing that made it a treasure was that it was a magical mirror, made of two disks of highly polished copper which were seperated by a delicate wooden frame with a beautifully carved handle. If the Princess became homesick, she could look into the Magic Mirror on either side and actually see all the things she was lonesome for.

As she was traveling to Tibet for her marriage, the Princess was accompanied for security by an entourage, which was led by a Chinese ambassador who was charged with the responsibility for the safety of her journey. He knew that the King had given the Princess the treasure of the Magic Mirror, and he was afraid that if she used the mirror she would become too homesick and would insist on returning to China - and all would be lost. In order to accomplish his mission, which was the successful marriage of China and Tibet, he stealthily removed the Magic Mirror and replaced it with an ordinary one. When the Princess and her entourage were making a resting stop, she tried to use the mirror. Nothing happened. She became so angry and upset that she threw the mirror toward a nearby mountain, and the mirror split into it's two disks. For a period of time,one of the disks was exposed to the moonlight and the other disk was exposed to the sun. In China, at the very place where this occured in Chiang Hai Province, there stands the Sun Moon Mountain, where two pagodas were built in memory of this event. There is even a monument on which this whole story is engraved.

The Princess continued her journey, and when she arrived in Tibet the wedding took place. The marriage was a successful one, strong and good. She introduced a great deal of Chinese Culture to Tibet, and helped bring Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (which is different from Chinese Buddhism, which is mixed with Taoism and Confucianism) from the West all the way to Bejing in the East.

The Sun Moon Mirror is used for fulfilling any wishes and adjusting your "wishing Qi" (chi) so that whatever you truly desire will come your way.

Please know that the preparation of our Sun Moon Mirrors is a long and involved ritual, done with great care and concern for the well-being of all who use them. Two very special Chinese women prepared these mirrors for you with great focus of intention and loving-kindness.

Copyright ©1997 by Edgar Sung, all rights reserved.

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